Help Finding Multi Team Crossover
I am looking for a fic that occurred when Tommy was with his students and they had their team going on. I can't remember all of the details. I know that Conner gets hurt pretty bad and that even with a bunch of extra teams coming in things are going really badly for a while. I'm wanting to think Dustin from Ninja Storm was heavily involved (maybe kidnapped at first?). Any ideas? This is making me a little crazy trying to find it.

June, otter
I realize that no one's posted in a while, but I still have hope!

I'm looking for a fic which is, now that I think about it, probably not everyone's cup of dirty tea, so I'm gonna cut this:

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Pre Dino Thunder, island explosion
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I realize that this may be a long shot, but I'm looking for any fics that are set just after Tommy gets off Mercer's island, especially if his friends/the other Rangers think he's dead or missing and includes everyone's reactions when they find out Tommy is alive. Something like this fic: 
Thanks in advance! 

Ninja Storm Fanfic
June, otter
Looking for a Cam centered fic where Cam feels overwhelmed with his job as tech support, as well as being a ranger. He passes out and when he wakes up he yells at Hunter about how unappreciated he is.  Then the team starts appreciating him. 

I read it on, but I just can't seem to find it. 

FOUND: Link in comments

spd sky idol au
What i remember of this fic is that at the end of Idol, Dru takes Sky away with him. Dru tells Sky that the other rangers dont need him but he Dru does. Jack is also there and tries to get Sky to stay but it doesnt work.

Hope some can reconise this!!

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power rangers // kimberly
I'm looking for a Space fic where someone (I think Carlos?) wonders how the Astro Megazord can form without completely destroying the Rangers' living quarters (i.e. having all their stuff fall over, etc). Then, one day, something malfunctions on the Megaship and, when the Rangers come back from a Megazord battle, they discover that all of the furniture has been toppled over and that all of their belongings have been strewn everywhere.

I know I read it fairly recently, and I would really like to read it again! =)

Time Force
Deep Space Nine: Tora Ziyal
Hi guys, I hope I get some answers but I'm looking for some good Time Force stories.

I'm really not picky with ratings or genres or even shipping at this point. But I will say stories that do not make Alex a totally douche and are not heavily Jen/Wes would be good (if there are any). Since my lookings have turned up minimal results (Since I appear to be in the minority that like Alex. He makes me think of Sky...only Sky ruins those moments with his overdramatic faces), I was hoping that you guys could list what you like!

I have read The Duality of Happiness (You'll Get There in the End Remix) by megthelegend that I really liked.

Theme Rec
Hi all. Time for another round of theme recs.

Let's have your favorite recs for depowered Ranger stories. They can be retired, or have lost their powers for whatever reason.

I've always been fond of Lament, by Ellen Brand - Jason, just after Trey has reclaimed the Gold powers.

Let's see some of your favorites.

PRNS - looking for similar fics
 Hello!  I'm looking for fics that contain a similar premise to one I've already read.  See, in Ninja Storm, Lothor is originally implied to be a highly humanoid alien, but then in later revealed to be Cam's uncle.  Nobody really seems to write about a resolution between those two ideas...  If Lothor's human, how did he end up in charge of that big army of evil aliens?  If he's not human, well... doesn't that mean Sensei's an alien, too, and Cam's a half-human half-alien hybrid like Kon-El or Son Gohan?  I loved Starhawk's Alien Story, which, as you may guess from the rather self-explanatory title, took the latter approach.  Anybody know of any others of the sort?

Early Ziggy/Dr. K
June, otter
Looking for an incomplete Ziggy/Dr. K pairing fic, in which Ziggy goes back to lab after a battle and finds Dr. K crying, and so he kisses her so the others won't see her cry. Things...evolve, and there is off screen matress mambo. The rest is about the fall out. I remember this was posted early in the series, and I believe I read it on



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